Hey, I know we are only months into 2020 but I am already evolving. There are so many changes and shifts that have occurred. I think I am in the process of refurbishment within myself. I am also able to reflect and gather my thoughts so much more. Whenever something has happened I have thought-I must blog! but once I start I lose the thoughts that caused me to write in the first place. Journalling has also not been helping I start then stop maybe I should add this to my resolutions. I definitely think this would help me. Anyway, this is my post about what I did...


I would just like to put a disclaimer this is not a “How-To” on being a student whether good or bad that isn’t it really, I am just letting you know what has happened during this time regarding my student life. I am also not using this as an excuse there are so many factors that have contributed to my experience and you could definitely say that they are self-inflicted but when you are in that scenario there is really no time to think about what I could have and should have done.
My mission was to get ish done and I did just that. #shedidthat
Long may it continue in this student game because being a student is fun and feels great once you know how and what works for you.
I also know that I am not the only student going through this I am sending you a massive hug and letting you know that you're going to get through this so much better off and I wish you nothing but success & happiness in your bright futures.